All NuTesla Instruments feature Rhythmedics® patented Scalar-PHI Rife Frequency Bio-Pulses™ which are comprised of precise alternating polarity electromagnetic square waves following natural Circadian Rhythm patterns derived from a Fibonacci fundamental frequency quartz crystal. The Rife frequency programs can be customized via NuTesla’s proprietary flash driver interface. Bio-Pulses aid in the interruption of potentially harmful EMI. All instruments include NuTesla’s own Wellness Number [also known as Critical Flicker Fusion (CFF)] measurement to gauge your personal wellness as well as a therapy program customized to your Wellness Number and to improve immunity to EM mind control signals. Frequency sliding transitions between Rife program steps support harmonic resonances for an even broader spectrum of healthy energies. Designed and built in the USA with the highest quality materials, including heavy gold plating for all component contacts and integrated Sacred geometry using gold embedded in the Bio-Pulses pathway, all instruments come with a one year limited warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.


Ultra-compact 2” by 1” by ½” enclosure powered by a super-capacity Lithium Polymer rechargeable power cell and recharged via the internal USB connector, this personal performance instrument features motion and position sensing to adjust its programs and energies to match your activities. Pendulum Plus creates a personal energy field of attention focusing and relaxing energy that changes based upon you. Pendulum Plus also features two different 90 minute meditation programs and a Rife Frequencies Wellness Preset.


When Pendulum is upright it produces daytime activity energies. When lying in its side Pendulum produces nighttime sleeping energies. When in motion, such as during exercise, Pendulum boosts its energy to support your increased activity. All the programs use broad spectrum Rife frequencies delivered in unique Ultradian Rhythmic formats.

Preset Programs

Pendulum Plus comes with seven Preset Programs. The primary programs are the daytime and nighttime programs. The daytime program runs whenever the Pendulum is upright and is designed to improve the attention and focus of the wearer while reducing stress and tension. The nighttime program is designed to lead the user to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer whenever Pendulum is lying on its side. The User can also select from an alternate daytime preset that features more relaxing energies called Euphoria and an alternate nighttime preset for even deeper sleep rhythms,. The Energize program contains higher Rife frequencies designed to support the wearer’s increased activity level. The primary Meditation program is designed to help the user stay calm and focused while meditating, praying, or even while intensely studying using Solfeggio subharmonic frequencies and the alternate meditation preset is call Prana Yama and helps to refocus your energies and awareness into your physical center.

Power Supply

3.7V 250mA Lithium Polymer power-cell that is recharged using the internal USB connector when plugged into either a 5V USB wall transformer, or from a computer’s USB port. The power cell provides up to two weeks of continuous operation and can be fully recharged in just one hour per week.

Controls and Indicators

Pendulum Plus is self-learning and self-adjusting through its internal motion and position sensor. While the sensor allows for automatic adjustments of Pendulum, there are two white dome pushbutton switches located on the back for manually adjusting Pendulum and accessing additional features. In normal use it is not necessary to press the dome switches, they are provided for convenience in accessing special features and capabilities as explained in the following sections.
Pendulum Back
The white dome switches must be pressed until you feel a slight ‘give’ in the switch, and a soft audible click may be heard as well. The dome switches are very resilient and it is not possible to press them too hard.
While the dome switches are very sturdy and rated for being pressed hundreds of thousands of times, they can be dislodged if pushed from the side instead of straight up and down, or even peeled off. To protect the dome switches from rough handling and moisture the back of the Pendulum has been coated with a special sealant. If the switches are handled too roughly or are in contact with excessive moisture from the skin, the sealant can wear off and the dome switches may come loose and move out of place. If Pendulum is going to be worn directly against the skin frequently it is recommended to place a small piece of clear tape over the two dome switches to provide additional protection. The tape can be replaced as it wears.

The upper switch is labeled SELECT and is used to select alternate programs in the currently operating mode, and to select different modes of operation as explained in Section 6, Operational Modes. The lower switch is labeled START and is used to turn Pendulum on when its powered off, to indicate the currently running program and battery level and to access additional features explained in the sections below.

Pendulum has an internal position and motion sensor allowing it to ‘learn’ as you wear it. When Pendulum is worn or carried on your person it senses your motion and activity and produces specific Bio-Pulse sequences in response to these changes. Pendulum can sense when it is upright, lying down and different levels of activity and will automatically change the Bio-Pulse program to support you when awake or asleep.

A Spectrum LED (SLED) on the lower front side of Pendulum provides information about the currently running Bio-Pulse program. Each program has a unique color and flashing sequence to inform you of its status. The following sections 4, 5 and 6 lists the various preset programs and modes and the color of SLED flashing to indicate which is active.


Pendulum Plus must be charged to operate and its power-cell is designed to operate for up to 2 weeks both day and night before needing to be recharged. Pendulum runs continuously as long as it senses some motion during its 16 hour daytime or 8 hour nighttime programs. If no motion is sensed after those times Pendulum shuts itself off to conserve the power-cell. Pendulum restarts automatically as soon as it is moved. The SLED flashes white to indicate the daytime program is running and will flash once every minute. The orange-red SLED indicates Pendulum is running nighttime sleep Bio-Pulses.

Personal Wellness Number

Personal Wellness Number mode is manually activated by pressing and holding the Start button for 2 to 3 seconds then releasing it to start the program to measure and report your Critical Flicker Fusion based Personal Wellness Number. When this mode is entered the SLED flashes Red 6 times and then appears to be lit continuously. If the START dome switch is held too long on standard Pendulums, the Pendulum will reset as seen by the SLED going through its start-up flashing. If the START dome switch is held too long the Pendulum Plus will enter Stealth mode as indicated by the SLED flashing Red once. In either case, release the START dome switch and press and hold it again, slowly counting to 2 and release it and observe the SLED flashing 6 times and then appearing to be lit continuously.

While the SLED appears to be lit continuously it is actually flashing on and off very rapidly, faster than your eye can detect. At this time you should hold the Pendulum with the SLED directly in front of your dominate eye with a finger resting on the START dome switch in preparation for pressing it when you see the SLED flickering. As the SLED slowly begins to decrease its rate of flashing you will see the Red SLED flickering, and no longer appearing to be lit continuously. At this moment press the START dome switch to stop the measurement. When this occurs the Red SLED turns off and you should move the Pendulum away from your face to count the result of this Wellness Number measurement.

After a brief delay the SLED will flash your measured Wellness Number as a series of White flashes to indicate the tens digit and Green flashes to indicate the ones digit. Count the White flashes and multiply that by ten and then count the Green flashes and add that to the multiplied White flashes. For instance, if you counted 7 White Flashes that would be 7 times 10 for 70 and then counted 5 Green flashes that would be added to 70 for a Wellness Number of 75. If the ones digit is a zero the SLED will flash Blue once instead of Green. The Pendulum will now update its internal programming with your personal flicker fusion frequency and then emit this frequency for 20 minutes, flashing the SLED Purple once every 30 seconds.

Periodically throughout the day Pendulum will re-emit your Personal Wellness Number frequency as part of its regular awake time programming. This increases your immunity to EM mind control signals. Every time you measure and update your Personal Wellness Number, Pendulum will update its programming to the new frequency.

Customer Updates

Pendulum’s Preset Programs can be updated by the customer using a NuTesla’s proprietary flash-drive interface. Pendulum should be connected to your computer’s USB port while pressing and holding down the Start dome pushbutton. The Pendulum will then enumerate as a Rhythmedics flash drive and a pop-up window should appear. Open the flash drive and open the NuTesla.htm file that appears. This will redirect you to a secure area of the NuTesla website to allow you to download trial programs which are simply dropped on to the Rhythmedics Flash Drive.